About Khan Internal Medicine

Our Mission

At Khan Internal Medicine, we specialize in chronic medical issues, vitality & preventive health care.  Let our family take care of you and your family.

When you visit Khan Internal Medicine, our team of physicians, nurses, care-givers and support staff are on hand to offer excellence in primary care medical services to residents of Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas.  Khan Medical Center provides comprehensive internal medicine skills, including chronic disease management, acute illness care, men’s and women’s health care, urgent care, immunizations and preventive medicine.

Our goal is to provide high-quality medical care for our patients, acting as their primary care physician. We try to be informative to our patients, try to practice cost-efficient medicine, and try to practice evidence-based medicine, which means relying on the best available medical studies and data to make decisions about diagnostic testing and treatment.

Our Medical Practice stresses these immovable principles:

  • High-quality medical care
  • Patients come first
  • No long wait periods
  • Same day Appointments
  • Always treat people as you would want to be treated or as you would want a family member to be treated