Healthcare for Young Adults

health care for young adultsYoung adults – of ages 18-40 – are often “too busy” for regular health care visits. It is precisely this age group that may need these visits the most.

Why? Emerging conditions like high cholesterol and hypertension (high blood pressure) that can lead to greater problems in later years can be identified and treated early – with simple lifestyle changes and minimal use of medications.

Young adults should also be aware of the dangers of infectious diseases and dangerous lifestyle choices.

By establishing a primary care physician who can maintain a family history for you, our office can work with you to detect common ailments with a genetic component and watch for common cancers, like testicular or prostate cancer in men; and breast or cervical cancer in women.

Dr. Husman Khan and Dr. Khalil Khan can also handle travel immunizations for busy professionals and recreational travelers. If you need a physical exam for employment or school, our doctors can handle that too.