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Florida Primary Care 

Dr. Husman Khan, Dr. Khalil Khan, and their staff are specifically trained to diagnose, treat, and help manage short-term or long-term illnesses affecting adults, as well as the elderly, which can range from common colds to diabetes to hypertension.

Our office works with patients to prevent the initial onset of diseases through annual examinations. In simple terms, we are ready to care for and treat any adult illness you might have.

If there’s a condition that needs further expert care, our physicians will either consult or refer you to a specialist so that you can receive the best care available.

Dr. Husman Khan and Dr. Khalil Khan believe in education for themselves, their staff, and their patients. They continually strive to increase their knowledge in medical practices, conventional and complementary.

Our office believes that patient education is essential to maintain and improve patient health and even slow down deterioration in some cases. That is because an informed patient is more prone to follow treatment requirements as well as participate in their treatment to be able to improve outcomes.

  • Conditions & treatments we provide

    ● Heart Disease / Heart Attacks.● Hypertension.● Diabetes.● High Cholesterol.● Preventative Medicine.● Cancer Screening.● Annual Exams & Physicals.● Renal/Kidney Disease.● Women’s Issue.● Osteoporosis & Bone Disease.● Muscular & Joint Disease.● Pap Smears & Breast Exams.● Allergy & Immunology.● Pulmonary Diseases.● Muscular & Joint Diseases.● Depression and Anxiety.● Preoperative Medical Clearances.● Second Medical Opinion.

  • Some of our in-office services

    ● Blood work.● Electrocardiogram (EKG).● Injections.● Pulmonary Function Test (PFT).● Body Mass Index (BMI).● Wound Care.

Internal Medicine Clinic in Fort Lauderdale

Our office provides treatment for those 55 and older, women, men, and young adults.

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55 and Older

Khan Geriatric & Internal Medicine can help you maintain your active lifestyle and recognize what is normal aging and what is cause for concern.

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Women's Healthcare

At Khan Geriatric & Internal Medicine, we listen to women's concerns and talk honestly about how to enjoy better health.

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Men's Healthcare

Khan Geriatric & Internal Medicine’s practice for men’s health focuses on diagnosis and prevention to build a greater life expectancy.

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Young Adults

Young adults – ages 18-40 – are often “too busy” for regular health care visits. It is precisely this age group that may need these visits the most.