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Men's Healthcare

Primary Care for Men

Khan Geriatric & Internal Medicine’s practice for men’s health focuses on diagnosis and prevention so that your good health practices today can build a greater life expectancy now and improved quality of life in later years.

With years of experience as a Board Certified Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Husman Khan or Dr. Khalil Khan can be the primary care physician you need to maintain a healthy body.

They can help you plan for success with proper diet and exercise while being there for you when special needs arise, such as injuries and rehabilitation recommendations.

African American father and son enjoy a walk in the park with good conversation.

Our office sees men in the practice for:

    High Cholesterol.
    Joint & Muscle Injuries and Ailments.
    Erectile Dysfunction.
    Hormonal Disorders.
    Sleep Disorders.
    Gastrointestinal Problems.
    And much more – what can we do for you today?