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55 and Older

Elderly Care in Fort Lauderdale

For adults in the 55-plus age group, Khan Geriatric & Internal Medicine offers a depth of experience that is most valuable as our physicians treat diseases and work to decrease the effects of aging.

Khan Geriatric & Internal Medicine can help you maintain your active lifestyle and recognize what is normal aging and what is cause for concern. We will work together to manage medications and help keep you fit and independent.

We will be there for you when special needs arise, such as medical illness, injuries, and rehabilitation recommendations.

In addition to both Dr. Husman Khan and Dr. Khalil Khan being board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Husman Khan is certified in the subspecialty of Geriatric Medicine.

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Adults aged 55+ are served for the following:

    Colon Health.
    Peptic Ulcers.
    Neurological Disorders.
    Cardiovascular Disorders.
    Vascular Disease.
    Esophageal Reflux.
    Nutritional Disorders.
    Vitamin B12 Deficiency.
    Gastrointestinal Problems.
    And much more.